So who is Battle Born Wood Shop? I'll answer it the only way I know how: direct and honest.

Simply put, Battle Born Wood Shop is the manifestation of my dream: To prove that truly American made products are of the highest quality at a competitive price while being manufactured in the United States (Las Vegas to be exact.)

A lot of you found us through our social media channels. Welcome. I also know that a lot of you have many fake companies that use flashy advertising, take your money, and give you a subpar product. Not US (double entendre, my favorite thing). We stand by our craftsmanship which is why we offer an industry leading 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our wood comes from within the US and most of it comes from Allan McIlvain in Philadelphia. They're a lumber yard that's been around since shortly after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

I know you have many options when it comes to buying a personalized gift for a loved one so I make sure that every step of the process, from customer service through shipping, reflects the values of an America that I love: hard work and high quality.

I have 5 key employees that work for me that keep everything running smoothly:

Kristy, who handles all of our customer service. When you email us, she's almost certainly the one to help you out. She's friendly and will do whatever she can to help you.

Anahi, who oversee's everyone in shipping. She doesn't sleep much during the holidays when we run 24 hours a day to keep up with demand.

Esteban, my best friend, who sets up and runs all of the engravings. Any personalizations you see, he did it. He's also known to eat for lunch the world's largest burrito known to man. It's a modern marvel watching him stuff that loaded thing into his mouth and still be as skinny as he is.

Paige, who handles all of our creatives and marketing that we put out. She recently moved to northern Michigan. We quietly weep for her when we see the current temperature where she is compared to sunny Vegas.

Sean, who runs all of the heavy duty machinery and processes the thousands of board feet of lumber each month. He's the cool cucumber of the bunch and exactly who I need during Q2 and Q4 when the volume goes through the roof for Mother's/Father's Day and Christmas.

All of us are committed to the idea of American manufacturing and love being a part of something we can all take pride in.

Handcrafted by us for you